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March, 2014


Spring my @ss!!!

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It is not spring at our house! It is defiantly still winter here. Everyday we get some snow. Nothing is poking up yet so we are sure we still have well over 3′ on the ground, we got almost a foot in the past week and Barry had to plough. It is getting warmer and there is a lot of dripping going on. The trails we have made over the winter are tough to walk now, it’s like being on a balance beam, one wrong foot placement and you are instantly hip deep… Getting out is the hard part. Today we noticed that the power line from the gallery to the outhouse is down, looks like came down when the snow on the roof slid. Another casualty. This huge piece on the back of the house is ready to go and it will be a loud one! The little ones are loud, this is going to be thunderous.

Can you see Barry in the bottom photo?



First day of spring!

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-10 when we woke up but so pretty! +2 at lunch time.


Last day of winter = blizzard!!!

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We had a blizzard yesterday morning that amounted to about 6″ of snow! Today is spring, let’s hope the blizzards are over for the year. Things have been receding very nicely, we think we will be melted early this year. The creek is open in spots and the ground by the shop is changing from an ice rink to a big slushie. We are happy for Spring to arrive! Stay tuned…


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It was snowing pretty hard on our after dinner walk. Had to be dried off and we like to do everything together!


Happy 12th Birthday Shooter!

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Our buddy Shooter turned 12 this week. All 3 of them got spoiled all day so birthdays are pretty popular in this house. Yummy homemade treats and special dinner! He even got a card in the mail from his best buddy! He recognized Don’s smell and got all excited, even rolled around on the envelope… So cute! We love our Shooter and hope he is with us for many more birthdays.

We were commenting on our after dinner walk today how spry Shooter is and seems to be the picture of health. He sleeps most of the day but anytime anyone says “walk”, he’s ready. He loves his sisters and enjoys the pack atmosphere. He continues to come out of his shell. He’s the most obedient dogs I’ve ever had or known. He’s a really good dog.


Drip, Drip, Drip Never Sounded so Good!

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It’s melting and fast! Yahoooooooo! Stay tuned!

Good Run!

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The kids had a great run at Stanley yesterday… They napped here together for a long time after we got back. So cute.


Laundry day

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If anyone thinks we aren’t camping… Think again! The only modern luxury we really have left at this point is electricity. When the well quit at the studio, we still had the dryer but now we haven’t even got that. We do have water but we are worried the well is low so we still haul water for showers, laundry etc. tap water is only for cooking and dishes (and the toilet). We are in another cold snap (-23 this morning) so we are being super careful during it. Barry strung up some twine in the tub and I do a few items at a time… Necessary items only and nothing big. We will go to town and do a load of sheets, towels etc once we get desperate. Luckily we have lots of extras! The worst part of this process is it takes days for it to dry so we have to be strategic with our showers… We use the shower bag from the sail boat, it hangs in the tub too so between loads of laundry, we both shower.


Spring cannot come soon enough!