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October, 2014


The Kids…

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Our little girl is becoming a very nice (albeit extremely spoiled) young lady. She has lost her spastic puppy outbursts. She is wanting to snuggle more and I could not be happier! One new thing is she loves to be wrapped in a towel when she comes in wet and it is so cute! She spends more time on our laps when we sit in my chair … She lays on our chest and wraps her arms around our necks… So cute! She is starting to like being brushed too! I started brushing her right when we got her but it’s been a struggle for almost 3 years! Now she let’s me brush as long as I want or until I pull too hard and she gets mad, then she leaves. She is extremely entertaining and such a little character, we couldn’t love her more.


Continues to be the sweetest dog with the most love to give than any other dog either of us have ever known. We managed to break her from jumping up on us, yay! Teaching her to speak has been a fun but challenging process. The only reason why we wanted her to learn “speak” is Shooter was very noisy at dinner time, barking with excitement as Barry prepared their meals, when he was gone, it was so quiet it would break our hearts so we tried to get the other dogs to make some noise. Mini was pretty easy, she was all for yelling. Lily however would not speak. It took months of coaxing before she would bark freely but this week she has gotten into it and yells for her dinner. She is absolutely crazy for the tennis ball and loves a good run. Barry throws a regular ball for Lily and a miniature tennis ball for Mini and they all play catch together, very cute! Lily continues to be 100% devoted to Barry and follows his every movement closely. When Barry is away, they are both miserable, they lay in the window and mope.

Both dogs are loving their new door. It took a few days for them to understand the full scope of the doggie door but now they are pros and could not be happier. Mini especially, she loves to have some independence and the door gives her a lot of that.

They are such good buddies too, they are very cute together. Mini rules the roost but Lily is getting braver pushes her way in when it’s important to her.


We almost adopted this little guy but decided to wait. So cute!


Trying to stick!

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It snowed all day, the ground is too warm for it to stick but it sure is trying! We had a super lazy movie day to celebrate.


First snow means Bon fire season! Always fun! Stay tuned…

Snow storm expected

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We are supposed to get some snow this weekend. The air has changed in the past couple of days, only about 5 as a high and it’s right around zero in the mornings. As I sit with my morning tea the flakes have started to fall… I’m ready and excited about the snow… Barry says it’s too early. We are certainly prepared so I say… Bring it on!

Jason Curtis

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Recently we have been getting visits from Arthur who was close friends with Jason. He drops in when he is in the neighbourhood. The day we came back from Costco, he and his wife Shastah were at our creek getting water so they came up to visit for a bit when they were done. (A lot of people stop and fill their water jugs at our creek). We had never met Shastah before so we were glad they stopped in. She hadn’t been in the house since before Jason passed so she really saw some changes. Since that visit Arthur has sent us these photos of Jason. The one over looking Prince George was taken a few years before he passed and the other was when he was pouring the footings for our house. Thanks Arthur!



Another stranded traveller…

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The other day a man came walking up the driveway to use our phone, he had broken down out front. He is from Williams Lake and it was a company vehicle, Xplornet, so he made a few calls, chatted with Barry until the tow truck arrived and off he went after thanking the dogs for barking because he never would have known to come up here. This was the 4 th person to break down right in front of our house… What are the odds of this happening? The highway is 75 km long and the next possible place to get help to the east is about 20 km and to the west, 8 km. How is it that these travellers all broke down right here? A question that will never be answered but makes ya think.


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Woke up to snow on the ground, might be a warning shot, stay tuned…

Major outage!

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We have been without power since noon and the BCHydro site is telling us we will be out until tomorrow morning at 8am… Ugh!

Stay tuned …

Costco run!!!

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Yesterday we took a trip to Costco in PG and stocked up the pantry… It was like Christmas! We could get snowed in and it would be many months before we would have to worry about food. I have been making small lasagnes (my own versions with butternut squash sauce instead of tomato and different ingredients for some variety) in takeout containers and freezing them. I have lots of wontons frozen and butternut squash soup. We bought 6 chickens yesterday, they will get cut up and frozen. We had a 17 lb turkey at Thanksgiving, most of it is in the freezer along with many loaves of zucchini loaf. I was about to make more goodies to freeze today when the power went out so instead I am blogging about it. Its a beautiful day so we are off to the dump with a load of stuff from under the lean to next to the shop but that is a whole other blog so stay tuned…

The Rodent Situation…

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Rodents are a big problem this year for some reason and we aren’t alone… Apparently there is a big population and most are having the same problem. We have always had to put traps out in my office and I’m super careful to never leave anything in there they could feed on but they like the warmth so no matter how diligent, we still get mice. We are now having a problem with them in the boot room. Between those 2 rooms Barry is constantly emptying traps. (There is a pile of carcasses on the barrel outside my office that Barry wanted me to put a photo of on this blog but I will spare you all that visual, it isn’t pretty). We also heard something big in the attic so Barry put out some large traps and he caught a pack rat under the house… Might have been the same guy from the attic because he is silent now.

There is a squirrel living in the attic of my office… I am so used to him now that we are living together quite harmoniously. He used to stick his head out of the corner of the ceiling and scream at me from time to time, he hasn’t done that for weeks so I think he has accepted me. I have to tell him to keep it down some days when I’m trying to work and he’s scampering around above my head. He is welcome to stay as long as he doesn’t damage anything… So far he is behaving.

There is a pack rat living in Barry’s shop as well (I will get a photo of him and upload it to this blog, I just keep forgetting my camera when we go down there). The dogs are on his trail but he just scoots up into the rafters and laughs at them. Lily is more concerned about him than Mini. I don’t think we are going to worry about him, he will steal some of Barry’s things but he doesn’t seem to worried about it, can’t take anything heavy so the tools should be safe.

Mini brought a mouse into the house the other day so she too is helping …she was very proud to present me with her treasure. One downside to the doggie door, the dogs can get in without being inspected for unwanted paraphernalia such as tennis balls and dead rodents.

More to come so stay tuned…

Pole down!

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Friday the power was out when we woke up and stayed out until 3pm. The winds have been really high and gusty and it brought down a power pole in Cottonwood! Yikes! That’s pretty scary! On our way home yesterday we counted 4 trees laying on the power lines and today the power is flickering so we are fully expecting an outage. Last week Barry built a box to house the generator next to the house and filled it with all the extension cords, extra fuel etc. Between the big one for the house and the little one for my office, we are ready! Last year we had many outages and some for long periods of time and we didn’t have the large generator handy so we only used it a couple of times. This year we expect to have many more with all the dead trees that are ready to come down.

The days have been up to 20 degrees and sunny with big wind. The cottonwood trees are almost bare. The Aspen turn colour after them so they are still full of beautiful yellow and gold leaves… So pretty!

You can see the box to the right… Still needs to be painted. The tin on the front of the front of the boot room is for snow, it will come off in the summer… Maybe.


Lots going on these days… Stay tuned…

Door on!

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It is amazing how a door can change your life! Yesterday Barry got the door all put together and installed and life suddenly changed! The dogs have more freedom although they are still getting used to it and it’s pretty funny watching Mini try to open it from the top every time. And Lily waits for Mini to go thru then she scoots right behind so she doesn’t have to open the flap herself. They are doing pretty for only day 2. I came in from work today and it was warm! So exciting! We are calling it the decompression chamber, hahahah. So happy with my boot room! Thanks again Barry, best gift ever!




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October 1st and it’s snowing… tried to get a photo but can’t see much.

On another note, there is a door being installed on the bootroom as I type this!!!!  SO EXCITED!   Photos to follow…

Stay tuned……