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May, 2015


Happy Miss Lily

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She’s a happy puppy, love our Lily girl.   


Sticky Season! 

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We don’t like sticky season!  They are absolutely everywhere and we just keep bringing in more every time any of us goes outside.  This little one gets them on her feet so she sits down to get it and then her bum is covered.  We love it when the cotton flies, it seems to take care of it.  Come on cotton!  

Rabbits! Rabbits!  Rabbits!

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We have got a huge population of rabbits this year!  We noticed a lot of them up and down the highway on our walks and in the past few days they are all over the property.  This morning I was on the deck drinking my tea and 2 went hopping by.  Of course Mini and Lily follow them… Not really chase, more like follow… To the edge of the ditch that runs along the driveway, they are such good dogs, they stop there and let the rabbits keep going.  One hopped out of the ditch right in front of Mini and headed down the driveway so of course she followed it so Barry and I walked to the top of the driveway to get her back and more came out of the ditch right next to us and hopped by.  Crazy!  They have been living in the thicket between the driveway and the bat cave since we moved here, they must realize we are not going to harm them, even the dogs aren’t trying to catch them, they playfully bounce after them… So cute!  All of them are much bigger than Mini and a lot are even bigger than Lily.  Their feet are still white so they are easy to spot but they will be all brown soon and harder to see in the bush.  I love me some bunnies!  Trying to get photos but they are quick, nothing good yet.  
Stay tuned…


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Sandy and Gordee Hucman are now the proud owners of Barry’s “Canoe” painting!  So exciting when one sells!  Thanks Hucmans, enjoy! 


Beautiful Day!  

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Outside painting, no bugs yet! Yay!  

Scary Storm!

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Yesteray we had a crazy wind storm here!  We lost power at about 2 pm and it is still out now at 10 am… The Internet is telling us we will be out until midnight tonight but we have learned that we usually get it back a lot sooner than what they say… Sometimes however, they update and extend the time so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we get it back today.  Apparently we are not alone, most of Prince George, Quesnel,  Williams lake etc are all out, all the way down to Vernon… And we didn’t check the coast but I’m sure they have been effected as well.  

We were without power already when it got really windy so we were playing cards at the table to pass the time until we could carry on with what we had planned for the day.  I looked out and saw that it was raining branches in the fron yard, we went out ( dogs on lock down) onto the deck and we could hear trees falling up and down the valley… It sounded like they were exploding and at one point it sounded like dozen went at the same time… It was really scary!  I was looking up above the parking lot and I watched 2 trees fall (photo of them below).  We hunkered down in the house and about and hour or so later it cleared up, the storm had passed but the destruction left behind was wide spread and apparent.  We went for a building check and thought we had better make sure none of our trees were on the lines.  We found many trees down as you can see on our snow shoe trail but luckily nothing had hit any buildings and none of our trees were on the lines!  All good news.  

So now we wait until the power comes back.  We are planning a wieny roast for lunch, get a Bon fire going outside