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November, 2015


Visiting Karen

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We are doing a sign for Karen at the Lightning Hotel and she was there today so we dropped by to see her and take a look at her layout.  Her son was there and it turns out I was best friends with his sister Cindy Young in junior high school… Small, small world!!  Karen was forced to put him up for adoption when she was young and Cindy was adopted as well.  Gary found his mom about 20 years ago.   I remember him a bit but he recognized me right away.  

This was out her back door, thought it looked like an ad.  

Lily update…

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We took the bandage off Lily’s leg today and it looks really good.  She is happy to get her foot back and doesn’t seem to be in any pain, she is putting full weight on it.  We have to be extra careful she doesn’t rip a stitch now.  She wears the cone if we can’t be watching her and we put a light sock on her to go outside.   Five days until the stitches can come out, we will take her in to have it done, I thought I’d be able to do it but after seeing it, I think best that they do it… A chance for them to make sure everything looks good as well.  We are looking forward to having her get a clean bill of health!  

She has her lime green sock on waiting to go out.


Lily’s Owie…

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We noticed about 3 weeks ago that Lily had a wound on her ankle.  She is a licker and she had been licking it which got it infected.  We took her in and she was on meds for 2 weeks.  It turned out that this was a lump of some sort and we were warned that we should have it removed before it gets too large and becomes a bigger problem so in she went on Monday morning, once the infection had cleared up.   It was day surgery so she was back home with us that evening.  She had a reaction to the anesthesia and had a seizure so they pumped her full of Valium to counter act it.  She was super quiet the first day home but now she is doing great and getting along just fine with 3 legs.  Her bandage comes off in a few days then her stitches come out a few days after that so she will be right back to playing and chasing squirrels.  It is so hard when your pet is injured.  She is the best little patient I’ve ever had but my heart is breaking because she doesn’t understand why we are doing this to her.  She has been getting triple the love she normally gets so she’s pretty happy and aside from the bandage, her foot doesn’t seem to bother her.  See her pretty pink bandage…

Exploring the south side

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Having the trail across the highway is so awesome for us!  Yesterday  we went for a walk over to the creek and the floor of the forest is absolutely covered in tracks.  I was amazed and had to take photos to share… The entire forest looks like this over there, tracks of all sizes.  


About half way to the creek the little tracks fade out and you get into larger tracks like this cat track…

We were surprised that early afternoon we were already in the shadow of the mountain.  Barry had to try out his new boots that are good to -60!!  

We could see where larger animals, moose or deer had been traveling along the creek.  Snowshoeing over there is going to be awesome!  We need another good dump of snow before boots alone don’t cut it.   Right now we are in a cold snap.  We went for a late night walk last night with the full moon lighting up the snow so much we didn’t have to use a flash light!  Cold but clear and crisp and beautiful.  We woke up to -16.  Stay tuned… 

Our annual stranded traveler 

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Once again this summer we had a stranded traveler.  This one had a flat on his travel trailer so they just dropped it and came back for it later.  Crazy how we get one every summer!  


First plough

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We had our first plough on Saturday.  The snow had settled to about 6-8″ so a little deep for Mini.  We thought we should get it done before it got cold and it got cold today.  We woke up to -10 and it is supposed to be clear and cold for the next 5 days.  We also had Khloe here on Sunday so was nice to have it cleared for her to play.  

Stay tuned…

Goodbye Hottub! 

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This tub has been here since we arrived, never used and in really good shape still.  We gave it to Len and Hildur at the ski hill, they picked it up yesterday… Awesome!  So nice to get it gone!  

Mini’s hidden talent…

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We discovered by accident that Mini is a natural hurdle jumper.  We take her over to this spot every day and have her run it over and over…she loves it!  We are going to set up a bunch of other agility obsticals for her.  Fun!