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January, 2016


More rain!

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January 28th, woke up to pouring rain and a huge skating rink… Again!  This happened in February last year and we never recovered from it, spikes were mandatory for the remainder of the season!  Aaaahhhhhh!!  This is not a good thing!   We are hoping and praying that this turns around and fast!  La Ninia is a bitch!  

Heard a tree fall as I was getting into bed last night, had intentions of hiking around to find it this morning but It will have to wait.  

Everyone think SNOW!!  

The Breeze Gallery

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Barry has his art work on display at the Breeze Gallery in Quesnel.  He sold one piece already!!  So proud of him! 


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It has been pouring rain all day and it’s +3*.  We have had very little snow, maybe 2 feet and this just melted a bunch of it.  We both have bad colds so have been spending the week trying to shake it.  Feeling better today.  Tomorrow I work. At the ski hill.  It is the sled dog mail run this weekend so tomorrow will be busy … Or rather it should be busy.  I’ll try and get some photos if I get a chance to see any of it.   Stay tuned… 

Lily’s Favourite Spot! 

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At the end of the bed next to the popcorn bowl! 


Blue Ice

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We have the porch lit up with blue LED lights I tore out of a sign years ago.  With all the snow, the whole front yard and down the driveway glows blue and the icicles look like glow sticks.  Pretty cool!  Barry’s icicle garden looks like light sabers.     First 2 are taken just as it was getting dark.  

As you can see we have very little snow.  

Princess Cathleen and Doc Cam

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The first year we were dating I bought Barry this puppet.  We call him Doc Cam after a friend.  He would always play with Khloe when she was here, he was extremely excited to have a child for an audience, makes it a lot more fun.  I found this awesome princess puppet made by the same company when I was helping at the Frog before Christmas so we got it for her.  She absolutely loves it!  They played puppet for hours and then she played on her own for hours while we played cards.  So much fun!  She’s at a great age!    

Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Eve was fun with Darren and Khloe spending the night.  We played cards and had a few drinks then I went to bed at about 11:30…almost but no cigar!  Everyone else stayed up and brought in the new year.  New Years days was bright and sunny and warm.  A tree fell in the parking lot a few days ago so we bucked it up and had a great fire.   Hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows… Fun times!  

Barry has decided to grow icicles… Hoping for a bumper crop!