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June, 2016


Quick update…

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The huge cottonwood tree in the front yard will be coming down on July 16th!!  We are so excited!  Kyle, who we met years ago when he came to maintain the trees for BCHydro, will scale the tree and bring it down piece by piece so this will be super interesting to watch.  I will miss most of it because I will be at work that day.  Barry will need to hook each piece up to the loader and drag it down into the gully below the studio.  There will be a lot of cleanup!  We are hoping we can get some help for Barry so it goes quickly.  

Loving my job at the Frog!  Lots of fun and cool stuff.  I get time to chat with the tourists from all over.  Learning about all the stock is a little overwhelming but once I learn it all, I will have some with the ordering.  Getting to meet a lot of locals.  Follow us on Facebook to see some of the stuff we carry.   Search for ‘frog on the bog gifts’ in Wells, BC.  

The Secret Society of Dead Gold Miners has added a new design to the clothing line.  I will upload a photo once the final layout has been approved.  

The kittens are getting big!  Their litter box is in the boot room now and they have been going outside for short stints.   They love it outside!  They learned the doggie doors pretty fast but at first they both had to push at the same time to get it to open, now they fly thru them.  We leave the door to outside closed so the dogs have to ask to get in and out.  By winter, the cats will have full access to outside.  They came out to my office for a while yesterday, they loved it. 

The outhouse is pretty much done so once the rain stops, Barry will get started on my office so stay tuned!  

Rain!!!  And some snow?  

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It’s been raining for about a week now and we could not be happier!  We need it in a bad way.  What we were not expecting is snow!  I drove home Tuesday night in the snow… Crazy!  The tops of the mountains are white again and many hikers that come into the store have seen snow.  Travellers from California and other southern states are very cold!  Sweater sales have gone way up!  Dawson Creek is flooding so hoping it doesn’t get that wet!  

Small Journeys

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On sale at the Frog on the Bog Gifts, ‘Small Journeys’, 10″x8″ acrylic by Paula Curtis.  Hoping it will sell. 

The Secret Society of Dead Gold Miners Clubhouse… Aka: our new outhouse!

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I have said it before and I will say it again… Life is very interesting living with a creative mind!   Quick recap… Hydro replaced the substation that is at our driveway in the spring of 2015.  They showed up with a back hoe to install new poles so we had them dig a hole for an outhouse that we had been talking about for a while… Score!!  We also had them leave the old wooden platform that the original equipment was on as they replaced it with an all new metal structure.  We also scooped the original poles!  They will come in handy for a project one day.  So Barry pieced together this lumber to create a floor on skids (in case it ever needs to be moved) and the board walk up to the front porch.  All of this wood is treated so should last a least our lifetime.   The structure itself is all new construction with a lot of added touches to make it an awesome tiny man cave!  I can’t reveal all the the details because after all, you are supposed to be a member in order to enter the premises.  I will give a bit of a visual… You open the door donning a hand painted Secret Society logo to find many surprises.  The toilet is an actual can with a toilet seat on top so you are truly “on the can”.  Flags from around the world decorate the walls with skulls, misc weapons and original artwork.  Don’t worry about bugs, there is a mosquito coil and a high powered salt gun within reach… Well everything is within reach.  You can draw, read, watch a TV show, shoot bugs, listen to music and much more all while doing your business.  You can even have a sip of high quality tequila from one of the flasks on a cold winters night…and speaking of night, solar lights not only light the boardwalk but also light up inside.  The windows on either side give you a view of the world around you.  And don’t worry if there is a line up, you will find horse shoes hanging on the crooked front post and pegs nearby so you can practice or even get in a game if the wait and line up are long enough.  

The exterior still needs some siding but otherwise, it’s open for business.  

 Barry has been very occupied with this project, I love seeing what he’s added each day.  Never a dull moment.  Video to come so stay tuned…