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September, 2016


Kittens fixed…

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The kittens are almost 6 months so they went in to get fixed before we have a bunch more kittens.  Of course Donn will have a much longer recovery, keeping her quiet will be a challenge.  She also had a tooth pulled, poor little gaffer.  We found out that Jack is 8.6lbs and Donn is 6.2lbs… Pretty big difference!  Jack will weigh more then Mini soon!  

This is Donn with her little shaved arms… Breaks my heart she is so sweet.  

My new office!! 

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Construction has begun…

And the kittens are helping!  


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These 2 sweeties have really captured our hearts.  Jack is big and tough but still immature.  He sucks his thumb and freaks out if left alone.  He is at least twice Donns weight and eats more then double what she eats.  He is going to be one big cat!  And his tail is really long!   He has gotten used to the collar which they only wear during the day so they aren’t able to catch birds and squirrels.  We let them go stealth at night.  Donn is the mouser, she catches them and gives them to Jack who plays with them until they are dead.  Barry is away visiting his mom and of course she caught one last night and gave it to Jack who decided to play with it for about an hour and a half in the middle of the night while I was wearing a hazmat suit waiting to dispose of it.  He would let it go and it would start to run then he would grab it again, giving me a minor heart attack each time… Ahhhhhh.   Barry’s  job thank goodness!  I do not like this job!  Donn is the sweetest little kitty.  She loves to snuggle.  It’s so cute, she greets me when I come home and rubs my legs until I pick her up and snuggle her.  Every time I touch her she starts to purr.  She is tiny and sweet and gentle, I have really bonded with her and love her so much. 

 As I am typing this she has brought a live shrew into the house…. Ahhhhhh, where is my husband!?  
They are very close to each other as you can see.  They sleep intertwined.   We can tell them apart easily no mostly because Jack is so much bigger.  They come for walks with us to the studio and they chase the ball when we play with the dogs.  They love to chase, Jack especially, but they do not fetch!  Jack races and beats Lily!  It’s pretty cute, they try to do everything the dogs do.  They even come when called … shake the tin cup with some kibble in it and they are home instantly!  It’s hilarious!  They love my office and we will start letting them spend the night in there to catch some mice once they are a bit older.  We are very happy to have them, even the dogs are good with them now that are less spastic.  Jack loves Lily and tries to suck on her toes… She’s not down with that.