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November, 2016


Animals are funny…

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Watching our animals interact is very entertaining.  We are pretty sure Jack thinks he is a dog.  Him and Lily play well together and Jack really seems to like her but the other morning was the funniest!  Lily plops when she poops… moving around leaving little bombs all over.  As she plopped, Jack followed behind and covered each poop with fresh snow.  He was very patient and waited for her to move on then he’d do his part.  It was so cute!   

A few days  ago I noticed Mini struggling with a big bone we had given Lily.  She was trying to get it home from the wood shed but it was too big for her mouth and she kept dropping it.  After about 10 minutes watching her struggle, she finally turned, peed on it and left it in the driveway… I almost spit out my tea it was so funny.  The way she strutted off I could tell she was thinking… “piss on it”… so she did.  

So much fun!  Stay tuned… 

Blue Mushroom

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She doesn’t really mean it…


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All our firewood is done and we have enough kindling split for a whole year!  Yay!  

The woodshed got a bit of a facelift. 

Making Jewellery

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I’ve started making jewelry for the store… started with some Christmas earrings for our Victorian Christmas opening.  

Also made cute charms for the cats.  Barry made Jacks (blue bell) and I made Donn’s.  Also made a bunch for the store.  

Shelves made with freshly cut lumber from the ski hill!  

Lightning Hotel sign…

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The new sign at the Lightning Hotel that we made for Karen is getting some recognition.  

Pumpkin Carving

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Had a fun night carving pumpkins at the Bears Paw with Dave, Cheryl, Stan and Norma.  

Frog Snot

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The worst part of moving here was bug bites for me.  I would get eaten alive so we spent a lot of energy on trying to make that better.  Barry concentrated on outside, clearing and weed whacking to reduce the numbers and I worked on remedies.  The second year we were here I made a balm to put on as an after bite.  It works great, I’ve been using it for years.  It has now developed into “Frog Snot” and will be for sale at the Frog on the Bog in Wells.  Another great product coming out of Hyde Creek! 

The kids…

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Love love love these cats!  They are very interesting and so loving!  They are amazing hunters and have been clearing the entire yard out of everything living.  We see very few squirrels these days, the one that was living in my office ceiling is gone… that’s the best news!  The dogs are doing well with them.  Mini gets annoyed sometimes but mostly she is curious about them and just wants to play.  One day Donn had a dead mouse outside and Jack was inside so she chose Mini as a play mate.  It was so funny, Donn was tossing it at her then would rub up against her…Mini had no idea what was going on, her reaction was priceless.  Both cats like Lily but Jack especially likes her and rubs against her all the time.  He sucks his thumb and tries to suck Lily’s too but she draws the line,no thumb sucking for her.  They come when you call them and when Barry whistles for dinner, all four of them coming flying into the house… so cute!  Once dinner is served, nobody goes out again until morning.  We were at the vets and had both dogs weighed, Lily is  25lbs and Mini is 10.8.  She is up .2 lb the big bruiser!  They hate that Barry leaves for work some days, the 4 of them lay in the window waiting for him to come home.   Everyone seems pretty happy.  Lots of love in the house with all these little soles.  
Their first time seeing snow..

Book ends

Jack loves the bathroom, he is very intrigued by water.  He stands between the 2 shower curtains when you shower and watches with an amazed look on his face, he is very cute.  As soon as he hears the water running, he is there.  

Donn’s favourite blanket

Jack is getting pretty big!  She is still a little peanut, last we weighed them, he was 3 lbs heavier!  He was almost 10lbs so will outweigh Mini soon.  

They don’t mind sleeping together.  

Jack, busted!  He is not supposed to be on the table! 

Everyone is pretty happy including us.  The cats just add that much more life to the house.  

Stay tuned…

Wells Beavers

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The beavers in Wells are getting out of hand.  This is the corner of Pooley Street next to the Jack o Clubs.  They were all down a few days later… little buggers!  

Foundation done! 

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We got the foundation poured in an afternoon.  We have a small mixer which is handy for small jobs but we were happy to borrow the ski hills large mixer, we did it in 5 loads!  It went super fast and turned out great!  We had a bit left over so Barry made me a nice step in front of my current office… so sweet!  Nice to get this part done, it doesn’t look like we will get to building this year but we will have all the lumber and foundation ready to go in the spring.  There isn’t much we need to buy.  Barry is running the saw mill at the ski hill in trade for lumber… all the lumber he can cut!  We have some big plans so stay tuned…