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February, 2017


Jack wants to paint. 

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Jack loves water and when he heard Barry swishing his brushes in the water bowl, he came runnin’.  

Moving in closer”.. 

Until he’s sitting right on the painting.  Barry shoos him away and he takes a different approach each time he comes back but does not relent.  Finally we lock him outside so Barry can get peace.  Tears of laughter watching this all unfold.  He is so cute!  He actually started swiping at the paint brush at one point.  I was laughing too hard to get a photo.  

If he looks tall in the first photo it’s because he is!  He can reach the counter standing on his hind legs.  He feels heavier daily, he eats a lot!  He will be a big kitten!  
Stay tuned… 

Baby Jack

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Jack still sucks his thumb, after researching it, the theory is he was taken from his mom too early but Donn has never so I think it’s just his personality.  I haven’t seen him do it for a while so I thought I better document it before he stops all together.  He likes to snuggle up to Donn… that’s her, not a mirror.  They are extremely sweet to each other… well, until suddenly one lunges at the others throats and the (play) fight is on.  So entertaining! 


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We had a Lynx hanging out by the shop.  He was beautiful.  Unfortunately we did not get a photo of him but here is his track.  

Beautiful Sky’s!  

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So many beautiful sunsets these days…

Soda Creek Sweet Corn…

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We are starting to produce signs for the lift line at Troll, here is the first one.  

It’s cold… again!  

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-27 at night this week… the cats spent a lot of time here…


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This photo was accompanied with a big poop.  He must have been big!   It was snowing so the track isn’t perfect but you can get an idea of how big.  

Missing posts…

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This site was down for a while and once I finally got it up again, I lost a few posts.  I can’t remember what they were, crap!  I am going to just carry on…