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March, 2017


Jack helping make jewellery…

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There was a Lynx sitting in the driveway when we got up the other day and it has been hanging around a lot.  We find his tracks all over and they are plentiful.  Someone took a photo of 3 lynx together near Wells, very rare sight!  They must have a good population this year.  

The master at work…

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Barry is almost finished this painting he has been working on for 3 winters now!  Almost time to get it framed up!  It’s pretty amazing!!  

Finally we get some snow!!  

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  This winter has been beautiful, the snow has been clinging to the trees, it’s been very white and pretty.  We had o lay one warming trend that lasted a week, otherwise it’s been very much a winter wonderland but with only about 18″ on the ground.   We’ve gotten more then 12″ in the past few days and we are expecting much more this week.  I am hoping this means it won’t rain all summer like last year!  Nice thing about it coming late, it won’t be around for too long.  

2 days worth on the wood shed….

Jack and Mini 

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She loves him…