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April, 2017


Full on spring.

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The snow is almost gone we only have a few piles left in the shaded areas. Flowers are sprouting, trees are blooming, animals are waking up, it’s spring in the Caribou.


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Oh wait…. no, it’s just Bernie.  


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We have a beautiful big grey wolf living near by.  I’ve seen him a couple of times.  Some days Mini barks and barks, lately I am assuming she is yelling at him to stay away.  

Bigger cats, bigger kills…

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Jack brought home his first bigger kill yesterday, a chipmunk.  Of course he brings it in the house, it looked so huge in his mouth! The yard is full of birds daily now so they keep pretty busy chasing.  It won’t be long before they catch one.  They are allowed out after dark for a while and they love it!  As I’m writing this I look outside and Jack has a big mouse he’s toying with.  The games continue…