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December, 2017


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Sad to say that Godaddy has gotten too greedy for me, I will be moving to a different host. They have upgraded their server and want me to pay to have my information moved to the new server… I feel a little like my blog is being held for ransom and I have decided not to pay it. Their hosting charges have gone way up too! Can’t afford them anymore! I believe sometime in January I will get shut down… I’m going to get a new site going but there will be a short interruption before I get it sorted out. “I’ll be back”.


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I can’t believe how fast time goes… it’s been so long since I posted. We are just moving me into the Hydeaway this week. Finished painting and just waiting for the internet dude to come and move the dish for us. It has to be warmer to reset it so probably Tuesday. We are going to move my equipment up tomorrow, I will have to work on my lap top until the dish is moved, no biggie. I will work on table until we build something, this is just to get me in. It’s all painted and looking great. We found out that drywall takes a lot longer then we thought.

It’s been cold for a spell and we have very little snow! The ski hill is open but barely. I have only worked 2 shifts and I’m on call until we get more snow… not looking good! It seems our snow belt has shifted and everyone else is getting our snow once again! It’s been nice having the holidays off, we took 3 days off the build and had a nice relaxing time. Darren and Khloe came out, she is 6 and at a fun age! We decorated gingerbread men and she brought a little craft project for us to do (bedazzling a purse) and then we watched a Christmas show. Having a lot of fun with her!

Barry has a job painting windows for Dave and Cheryl so he did a practice run on our windows… made it very festive! And I love the tiny tree I found… cat proof!

We were able to upgrade our “Entertainment Centre”. Last year we got a 42″ TV but we were still using my 15 yr old DVD/surround sound…the TV broke 2 weeks before the warrantee ran out… phew!! They gave us a credit for what we paid and then we spent a bit more and got a 53″ TV! Hi def, 4K… all the fanciness! The DVD player finally packed it in too! Ugh! We bought a sound bar from Costco, nice one that was on sale. Barry bought me a Bluray player for Christmas so we are totally outfitted now and wow! I want to watch everything we have again it all looks so good! The days of share shed TV’s are behind us, hahah. I got this beautiful easel for Barry for our new space…

Stay tuned…