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May, 2019


Game Camera

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We got our game camera set up and it’s already giving us good shots!


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The Lost Spade Crossing is no more :(.

This is the day it broke…

And today…

Stay tuned for the removal…

6 Moose, 4 bear

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The baby bears are so tiny this time of year…cute!!

4 Moose, 1 bear

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I saw my first bear last week.  They are awake!

Barry was housesitting at Len and Hildurs, he got there one night to feed the dogs and there was a momma with 2 tiny cubs up a tree.  Bernie couldn’t get at them, he was fenced in but he was close enough that she wasn’t coming down.  He put Bernie inside, searched high and low for a camera then watched them a long time.  He only got one good shot and I’m not allowed to post it since it might be a painting one day.  Sooooooo cute!  Little gaffers.