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August, 2019


32 bear

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We woke up to this guy in our front yard. Mini scared him off quickly.

Looking back I had seen 44 bear at this time last year.

31 bear

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Really low critter count this year. This was a momma with 2 tiny babies at the canyon, sadly she used to have 3. We have been getting footage of a black bear, a lynx and a moose that have all become residents and are on camera a lot. Luckily Mini barks and keeps them from the house.

Lumber yard

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Love it when we turn into a lumber yard… 1 living room, a lot of assembly required!

Annual Bath…

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About this time every year Mini gets a bath mostly to loosen all the hair that she has shed but it doesn’t fall off her, just turns into matts. I normally try to give her a good brush every 2 weeks but this one time a year, she is so full bath is the only way to get it all. She’s pretty good, she knows she gets all snuggled in a towel when she first comes out and she expects it. I get soaked but it’s part of the game. Then she goes and hides until the next day when she is dry is brush he as much as I can… sometimes takes days to get it out. She is sooooooo soft! And as you can see, she is not fat!

Lily can’t be left out so she also gets a bath, mostly because she is stinky, hahaha. Her hair turns into nice tight ringlets.

Tried to get a photo of her face… she was not cooperating!