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December, 2019


Happy Holidays!

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We had a great Christmas here on Dragon Mountain. Santa spoiled all of us!

Mother Nature also spoiled us with about 3′ of snow the 2 weeks before… awesome! Troll opened on December 14th, the earliest in the last 4 years so that was a bonus. We have already ploughed 5 times. Love it! There is a lot more in the forecast.

Having a fondu with my new grill on New Years Eve, I will post photos, it’s really cool.

Lenny and me at Troll

24 Moose

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This moose was being stalked by a wolf. It was almost dark coming home from the ski hill the other day. Moose on the road with a wolf peaking over the snowbank on the other side of the road. If you see one wolf, there are more lurking in the forest near by. We separated them, each party going off into the forest in opposite directions so we may have saved his life. This was a young bull with a small rack, I hope he made it.

Minis Bib

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Poor Mini has had a really bad hair ball problem the last few years. It seems to be getting worse. We have stuff from the vet for her and we also give her peanut butter which is supposed to help. They both help a little bit but not enough. She has so much hair when she eats, she ends up with hair all in her mouth so I brought a bib home from work one day to see if it would help… aside from being soooooo cute, it seemed to help almost immediately. But it wasn’t practical, it was too big and she tripped over it. We went to the baby section at the store and found bandana shaped bibs that work perfect! And so friggin cute!

This one is better for her, she can run around with it and not get tripped up….

She has to wear it even if she has a treat, when we have popcorn, etc. Her hair balls are almost gone completely, I caught her chewing on her hair for no apparent reason the other day so she might end up wearing it all the time.

And then I found out Donn likes wearing clothes!! This is a game changer!


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This sweet little girl now follows her mommy around! I love it! If it’s wet or really cold, she likes it if I carry her to the studio and home. If she wants to come with me, she runs out onto the deck as I’m leaving meowing until I pick her up… she melts my heart! Here she is checking out a painting Barry did of her…

I might need to get her a little bed for on my desk… I hear an empty box sometimes works. She sleeps on the pad I make my jewelry on (above) with all the bits and pieces and jars and tools which has got to be uncomfortable!

First Snow

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On Thursday we got about a foot overnight then it snowed right until Saturday afternoon, ended up with over 2 feet. The ski hill is opening on Saturday! We are supposed to get another few inches in the next couple of days… yay! Looking forward to another season at Troll!

23 Moose

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