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January, 2020


Getting deep!

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We are getting a good amount of snow this year… beautiful snow! The temps have been perfect. On Saturday night we have a cold snap coming that is supposed to hit -36! Doh! First cold snap of the season.

Jack’s new bed

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Jack has decided this basket is his. He just dumps it out on the floor and crawls in. I think I need to just give in and let him have it. Brat!


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Barry bought me an Ecogrill for Christmas and we LOVE it! We’ve used it 4 times and each time we are more excited about it. We’ve done chicken, shrimp, steak and pork. Japanese cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, zucchini and sweet potato… all excellent! I made jasmine rice and wild rice, both so yummy. Tomorrow while shopping we will pick up some other veggies to try out.

The centre round is a grill and you add broth in the moat. Heats up instantly and cooks the food fast. It came with a set of dishes and utensils. We are hooked!