This was the cutest encounter I’ve had with bears so far! Mom with 3 cubs right by the Slough Creek Road enjoying the freshly paved highway… well 2 of the little gaffers were, mom and cub #3 were busy eating while these 2 rolled around and played… so adorable! Reminded me of how our kittens tumble around together.

Here you can see all 4… Mom was close by and not at all worried about me. I was alone with them for over 5 minutes. Took a lot of photos but I gave them lots of room so they aren’t the best pics… didn’t want to get too close and scare them away. They are getting bigger!

Eventually another truck came along, she called her babies and they crossed the road together… well almost. One little guy straggled behind then scampered across alone when she bellowed at it… soooooo cute!! This was a rare encounter, so lucky I was at the right place, right time! I’ve had a lot if rare wildlife moments this year… feeling lucky!