We had another dog scare, this time it was .Mini. Her and Lily run as fast as they can everywhere, it’s always a race. Barry was checking the property and they went flying down a path and by the time Barry got to them at the end of the path Mini was limping. He hadn’t heard a yelp or anything but she was defiantly not putting any weight on it at all. We tried to keep her quiet and waited a day because this is happened before and by the next day she’s OK. But after two days she was still favouring it in a big way. This was of course during the Christmas holidays. Dave Copp who owns Lindsey veterinary in Penticton is related to Hilder at the ski hill and he has a cabin there. He was up for Christmas and agreed to have a look at her. He wasn’t able to really touch her because she was so freaked out and worried about him and the strange house she was at, he gave us a few scenarios of what it could be. Worst case she would need surgery because it would’ve been something torn in her kneecap best case she’s twisted it or pulled something and in a few weeks if we keep her very quiet she may be OK. So as you can see by the first photo we put her on a huge lockdown. This is a live trap that we use to remove larger critters off the property that we don’t want to kill but need to be removed. So she had to be in this live trap for a few days and then she started showing some improvement so she got put on the leash which was tied to a 2 1/2 pound weight which she could not pull. Hahaha, little peanut. That was the best babysitting system ever. So it took about 4 weeks in total and she stopped limping all together. Phew!! Dodged a bullet there! So now she isn’t allowed to go on the trails if the conditions aren’t perfect. She’s just too small and sometimes there is a layer of thin ice that she breaks through and that is dangerous for her little bones.