I am really enjoying being a crazy cat lady!

I spend my first moments every day with Jack. He gets his drink of water (photo below) then the fun really begins while I wash and brush my teeth. He loves bubbles! I try and make as much bubbles as I can and he has the best time playing in them. It sure is a nice way to start the day, hard to be grouchy with this big guy around! He is so awesome!

Donn has become the biggest snuggler and I could not be happier! She still needs her space but when I pick her up, she turns on her biggest purr and snuggles right in. Barry can still barely pick her up for a few seconds. She’s Mommas kitty. She does the weirdest stuff…

I bought them a teepee for Christmas thinking Donn would like it because she loves a good hiding place,

Jack got in it immediately and uses it. So cute!