So much going on with work too.

I started the year at Troll but had to step away in January. There is an employee (who was there last year too) who I really don’t get along with and he was making things very miserable for me so I decided it wasn’t worth it. I am looking forward to going back next year when he’s gone. Still doing a lot of work for the hill so in close contact with them… Barry is snowboarding today. It’s been nice to have some weekends off. :).

Back Alley deSign is getting really busy and it can’t keep up with everything so I’ve had to put in my notice to Jafa. I will work until April for them, I went down to part time at the beginning of the year so I am able to work on more BAD stuff. I also have jewellery to make and neck tubes to print and pet portrait commissions waiting and Frog snot to make and, and, and… the list goes on.

In January I went to a gift show in .Toronto with Dave and Cheryl for a week. That was a great trip… except it was minusamilliondegrees with the wind chill factor (-30’s). We found lots of good products, it was worth the trip. My seasonal 5 month job has expanded to closer to 8 months with the new store… I like that! We are also opening something in the old Frog building, maybe a Christmas store.

Ian who builds the log homes was already on Barry about coming back as soon as the weather permits so Barry will be right back at it with the log homes in Wells then he will jump on the saw mill to get things going for our LIVING ROOM!!! Foundation is ready! We are excited!

Barry’s has a show at the Quesnel Art Gallery in September so he is busy painting… he has completed 2 and both have already sold… doh! He can’t paint them fast enough!

So as usual, lots going on! Stay tuned for some new projects we are launching…