Loving my office even more as we settle into it. Second winter but first one with the stove and laundry operational. Laundry is a breeze, we had that dialled in when it was in the miner cabin.

The stove however we are still learning about and had a big break through this past week. Of course there is no user manual with a stove that was built in the 1920’s so we have been gathering information as we go. When we first got it, the grate was set for coal so Barry got them moving and changed them to what we thought must be the wood setting… worked much better. There are 2 doors on the front and the one to the fire box was screwed shut. Inside there was a solid metal piece that looked like it lifted out. After visiting Hildur one day and checking out for stove, Barry realized this was the coal setting… we lifted the solid piece out and unscrewed the door and our lives changed forever!! It feeds easier, it breathes and burns better… wow! Yay! That little stove is amazing! We feel so fortunate to own it. Now I think I will be able to cook some stuff on it. Before it was too hard to hold a temperature.

We turned the boot room into a splitting room, it’s just so much easier to have the chopping block under cover. I fact we like it so much, the boot room will be getting s boot room of its own that will be the wood splitting room, won’t be insulated or have a door. This building keeps getting longer, I will be entering up at the well!! Hahaha. The boot room will get insulated and finished like we had planned.

You can see my little chopping block, both sides are lined with wood, the stove takes smaller pieces so I spend a fair amount of time chopping… good exercise.

The blue barrel we use to melt water for laundry, it has a cattle heater in it to melt snow then it is pumped into a tank inside.

Pretty view from early December…