August 31, 2014 we got married! It was an amazing weekend with our closest friends and family. We regretfully were missing a few key people but that was the risk we took. We gave our guests a short 3 weeks notice and 17 out of 26 invited made it… Not bad! We were more then excited about how many accepted the invitation! Ok so from the top…

I got home from Cam and Carolas wedding and 3 weeks working away from my family. I had decided I wanted to be married to the man I love. We talked about it when I got home. We had been engaged for over 3 years, it was time, we were both ready. I wanted to make sure someone from my family was going to be here and my parents were scheduled to arrive in 3 weeks for the labour day weekend… This would be a perfect time to do it. We picked up the phone and called the Marriage Commissioner in Quesnel and booked our ceremony for 2 pm on Sunday of the long weekend… We were doing it! We were getting married in 3 weeks! Holy! Luckily I was on a weeks holiday so we had lots of time to talk, plan and get the wheels in motion. First we went to town and got our licence and met with Roseann who would marry us. We felt very at ease with her, she was perfect for us. We called everyone we wanted to invite and started putting it together. The most time consuming part was the party favours we chose to give to our guests. We made little sketch books and did a sketch on the front of each one so we got going on these right away. We had it all organized before I went back to work the following week and with just 2 weeks until our guests started to arrive, we were in pretty good shape which was a good thing since those 2 weeks passed very quickly…

Friday August 29th… Guests started to arrive in the afternoon. It was so much fun waiting for them all and visiting once they got here. We had the fire going and hung out with each group for a while until they carried on to their rooms in Wells. It was drizzly so the tents we had set up were coming in handy. The Granby Cooke men were staying at the studio which made it way more fun for us to have guests right here! We made it an early night, The adventure had begun, it was starting to sink in… We are getting married!!!

Saturday August 30th, 2014… After getting a few things prepped for the big day we headed into Wells to meet up with everyone at the Taco stand for lunch then we all went into Barkerville for the afternoon. We scattered in different directions, did some shopping and saw some shows and then we all met up for a rehearsal dinner at the Chinese restaurant. Always yummy!



Afterwards we headed home to wait for the last 2 parties to arrive, they were both staying at the ski hill so we needed to get them settled. They arrived safely and within an hour of each other, great timing! It was past midnight before we were headed back home and to bed… We are getting married tomorrow!




August 31st, 2014… The big day!!! This day is a bit of a blur. They guys were at the studio in the morning doing stained glass. People started arriving around 10. We had a weenie roast at noon. The weather was nice, it rained a bit in the morning but we were prepared for what ever might happen. We spent a few hours setting things up and then at about 12:30 I went to get ready, next thing I knew I was walking towards everyone on my dad’s arm. Barry looked so handsome and happy. The ceremony was underway, every time I looked at Barry his lip was quivering, I had a hard time holding back the tears. It was all so surreal… I was getting married and I couldn’t be happier! We were told to hold hands… Barry was so nervous he was squeezing my hand very hard! The ceremony was really short, it was over so fast! Time to sign the registry then get the party started! The sun shone brightly for the ceremony, a great sign since it rained almost the entire weekend.

We ate, drank and had fun until about 10 pm when I couldn’t stand up anymore, time to crash! Most guests had made their way home, only a few people left when I said goodnight. Barry came to bed a few hours later and we sat up for hours talking… We were so happy and excited. The next day it felt like I had run a marathon! It took almost a week to not feel tired anymore… Not sure how you would leave for your honeymoon right after!



Thank you so much to our 17 guests for making the trip, it’s far for all of you and we really appreciate your making the effort. If we had it to do all over again, we would not have changed a thing… It was perfect in our eyes!