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June, 2015


Lovin the Bakery!

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I’m having so much fun working at the bakery and a lot of it is because these ladies are so awesome!  Bernice on the left is Barbs assistant, she has been working there for 6 years.  She’s really funny and pretty casual, love workin with her!  Barb, my boss is in the centre.  She is so nice and really laid back.  She also works a lot of hours!  She goes in at 5, bakes until 8:30 then goes to work at the school for the morning (her winter job), then she comes back after lunch until closing.  Love her, she is a sweetie!  And on the right is Kristina, she works for 2 hours every morning helping set up then goes to her full time job at the photo studio.  I think she also works at the Bears Paw in the evenings in the kitchen!  Hard working young lady!  They are so great and Barb keeps telling me how happy she is I’m there.  Yay!    



New Adventure!

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Thursday I started a new job at the Goldfeild Bakery in Barkerville.  It’s a long story why the career change and those closest to me know the details so let’s just say it was time for a change.  Time to get off my ass and do some more physical work.   I loved it!  Thursday was a bit overwhelming, so much to remember.  Friday was just a lot of fun.  As I remember the prices etc more it will become more and more fun.  Everyone is smiling and friendly, including my coworkers.  Barb, the owner is a very laid back sweet lady… Extremely hard working and an amazing baker!  I will be able to learn a few things from her!  Bernice is her right hand and will be who I work with the most.  We worked alone together Friday, got along great and seemed to work really well as a team.   It’s going to be fun working with her, she’s pretty casual.  Christina is a younger girl who comes in for 2 hours in the morning and helps open up then works in the photo studio for the rest of the day.  She’s so cute and sweet and a really hard worker.  Also Barbs daughter Mia trained me for a few hours Thursday morning but she is expecting a baby almost any day so I don’t think I’ll be working with her much.   The job is until the park closes at the end of September then I will be off for the winter which will give me time to do some paintings!  I might see if I can get a few shifts a week at the ski hill during their season, I would still have a few months off at either end.  I am also designing the Tongue in Cheek coffee paper weekly so I get to keep my hand in the graphic design world… It is a lot of fun so I’m excited to be keeping it.  If any of my readers want to check out the paper go to  I started at the end of April so any issues May or newer were designed by me.  Some funny stuff if you are looking for a chuckle.

Jason hand painted the sign for the bakery among others in the park.  
The adventure has just begun so stay tuned… 

Fun with Khloe

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Khloe is at a really fun age, her and Uncle Barry have a lot of fun together.  He finally has an audience for. His puppet, Doc Cam.  

The dogs sit by patiently as they rough house…

But as soon as there is an opening, Mini gets right into the action.   

 We see a lot of Darren and Khloe these days and we really enjoy their visits….stay tuned…  


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We have been getting some crazy weather this year, check out the huge hail!  



Nick and Stacey Visit

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its always so fun to have Nick and Stacey come to visit, the only problem is they never stay long enough.  This time they camped in their truck next to the house so we had lots of time to visit.  It was great fun.  I debuted the “Redneck Fondue” it was very successful!  Basically we used the camp fire in place of the fondue pot.   We used weenie roasting sticks but had steak and smokie chunks… So Delish!   We cooked veggies on a grill over the fire and even had a pot of chocolate fondue on the grill with all kinds of fruit, wafer cookies and of course marshmallows.  We did get rained out for part of it but we didn’t care.  They stayed in the studio the night before they left only so they could quietly sneak off in the wee hours but their new rig worked great!  The bug tent came the day after they left, bummer, we could have used it … Next time!  
This photo was actually taken during the weenie roast we had for lunch… It was an outdoor day!  

And Barry letting off the first lantern of the season!  

Stay tuned… 

BooBoo Completed

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Nick and Stacey picked up their painting of BooBoo when they visited.  She was a challenge but a really good learning curve for me.  They want to do Peanut, their other pug and I have a boxer to do next… More wrinkles!!!  I’m happy with BooBoo but more importantly, Nick and Stacey are happy with her.  Lucy is next to stay tuned… 


Lily Approved

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Lily is pretty happy with the tent, can ya tell?  We have a lot of ideas how to make it really comfy so I’m sure it will be an ongoing project.  Stay tuned… 


Awesome Bug Tent!

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Once again Barry got me the best birthday gift… A brand new huge bug tent!  It is 15×15 with straight sides so really roomie!  The old one that was here when we moved here was only about 10×10 with sloped sides so we are truly noticing a huge difference!  We have a summer studio/ living room.  

We took the time and built a pad for it then laid down an old tarp for a floor.  We are very pleased!   We will be spending a lot of time in it!  I will post photos once we get it all set up, right now we have 2 lawn chairs and a little TV table but we are exhausted so tomorrow we decorate?