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March, 2016


I think it’s time for an …. Update!  

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The kids… 

Mini is always good, she is healthy and smart.  She has become more obedient.  We have taught them to come to a whistle and it’s worked really well.  Took them no time to figure it out and they both come immediately.  Mini used to glance at me when I called her, then she would ignor me.  I didn’t like that!  But she’s very good now.  She is also good about me brushing her.  Took 4 yrs but she comes to me instead of running and hiding.  She’s 10.5 lbs now… Bruiser!!  I love her so much, she’s sweet and cuddly and fun and comical and oh so cute!  
Lily is happy and healthy.  She learned the whistle so fast…  Mostly because she’s never too far away to begin with but my concern was different with Lily.  She chases and a few times she has taken off after a coyote and we’ve had to get her to stop. She would react to yelling but the whistle is working even better.  She stops in her tracks.  She is starting to venture out on her own a bit more and spends time by herself out on the deck more and more.  She hated the groomer so much that we only took her once, I have been cutting her with scissors, it worked but not well.  We finally got a good shear with a 1/2″ blade now we shear her like a sheep.  Works excellent and she is so good, she lets us do what we have to do.  She is a pretty girl.  I need to find her a girly bandanna.   Lily used to jump up a lot when we first got her.  She has learned not to jump up but now she squeals and howls and spins in circles … So cute!  

I am finished at the ski hill for the season.  I enjoyed working there but I’m happy to get my weekends back for a few months before I go onto my next gig at the Frog.  I got a lot of design work over the winter so between that, the hill and the paper, I had very few days off in the last couple of months.  I had 2 colds/flu and was sick for  about 4 weeks in January and February.  Might need a flu shot next year!  We haven’t done much snow shoeing, between being sick, working everyday and  it being the shortest winter we’ve ever had there wasn’t much winter activities at all.  I will be in Penticton in 25 days (but who’s counting).  I missed my trip in the fall so it’s been a year and way too long!!  I will be going spring and fall like clock work from now on.  Feeling a bit of cabin fever, looking forward to some city life.  I finished Lucy and will deliver her next month.  I have gone onto acrylic painting but nothing finished yet.  

Enjoyed working with this crazy bunch this winter…

Barry has been painting a lot.  He has been working on one large piece for 4 weeks.  He still has a few pieces at the Breeze gallery in Quesnel.  Some of his finished pieces…


We had a very short winter.  We had maybe 5 feet of snow all together (my wild guess) and very little rain… We better have a very rainy spring or we will be in trouble.  We are investing in a big water pump so we can pump from the creek… If we still have a creek.  We do have the other well by the shop, we just need a pump for it so we have options but we need to be prepared.  We had one day in Decmeber that was -20, the coldest “spell” we had.  It’s been above zero everyday of the year so far.  Crazy!  The good side, we will have more time to build, the snow will gone soon.  On the build list this year is outhouse,  rebuild my office, pour foundation for the house extension and if all goes well, a stained glass room off our bedroom.  Oh and we need to make the wood shed bigger so we can empty the studio in to it then burn it down next winter. Busy schedule but we are going for it.  

The hazards of venturing off trail… I was trying to get photos of the pussy willows that were out on March 1st!   I sunk to my knee and was laughing so hard I couldn’t get out… Barry chose to take photos over helping me.  

It’s noon and 12* outside.  Mini is out there still barking at the moose.  Stay tuned… 

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Big Excitement!!!

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Yesterday morning Mini was barking at something all morning, we knew something was near but this happens a lot of days.  She can smell something near and we are petty sure her yapping keeps whatever it is away so we don’t discourage her… It’s her job.  Around 10, she went crazy looking up to the parking lot, our cue to pay attention.  It was a huge moose right behind the house.  She came flying inside and Lily went flying outside but stopped at the edge of the house, they know when they are outsized luckily.  He took cover in the trees right behind the house but was a little confused and scrambled around a little bit until he jumped down into the gulch, crossed the creek and up the far bank, that is straight up about 15’high, in 2 steps!   And he was gone.  Mini was tramatized!  She shook  and huddled in my arms for about an hour.  Once she settled down a bit, we went up to investigate the prints.  She bounced about 6″ off the ground with each bark as we approached.  She slowly crept up on the first print which are over a foot deep.  She stuck her head down it as far as she could, pulled it out and gave it hell, barking at it for a minute or 2 before going onto the next print and doing the same.  So cute and so funny.   She spent all day barking at it.  
The first reaction is always to make sure the dogs are safe when anything wild comes around that I followed Liliy outside to call her back that I didn’t grab a camera and missed the shot!  I did get a photo of his track.  

 Mini is standing where he came down the bank.  The wood shed is just out of the photo to the right.  Lily is modeling her new haircut.  

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