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November, 2018


Random stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about

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All the animals love this little mouse that came from Dad. They all have their time with it. Here it is Donn’s turn.

Ever since Jack was a kitten he’s liked to watch Barry paint and swat at the brush, problem is he’s a big cat now and when he swats at the brush, he draws blood! Crazy cat!

We are settling in to the Hydeaway, it’s like a little apartment. So cozy with the stove. The animals all come up and spend the day with me when I work. Cats too! We installed a baseboard heater so we don’t have to worry about it freezing. We love this building!

Me at Halloween! Nobody recognized me.

Barry painting the windows at the Frog.

First try at cookies in Salle… I need a thermostat for inside the oven… I’ll get used to it. They were sure yummy!

We had so much rain and snow about 3 weeks ago that our water was like spring run off… this is the first time we’ve had that happen! The creek was raging! These jugs were filled only one day apart.

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39 Moose!

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Coming home from Wells one night we saw 4 and from Quesnel a few nights later we saw 5. Both trips in the dark and Most of them were right on the highway. So dangerous, you really have to slow right down and watch for closely for them this time of year! My sole job is to watch for wildlife.

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