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February, 2016


Valentine’s Day Snow

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Friday it rained… A lot!  So Saturday was super slow at work, luckily we had racers to keep us busy.  Then overnight we got about 6″ of heavy snow.  We were super busy at work, the racers were back plus a lot of other people… Yay!  A busy day!  Once the rush was over, Bryan, the Fry Guy built a snowman outside the lodge with some of the little kids.  


This is the most covered the nutcracker has been all year!  

Barry came in for breakfast when he dropped me off and for Valentine’s Day I gave him a heart on his latte.  Everyone got a heart on their day passes today.  Fun day.  

Today was +10!!!  Hoping for some more snow so it’s doesn’t get too icy.  Stay tuned… 

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How do they know??  

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Today is bread day but for some reason Tim didn’t come this week.  We usually get a phone call on Monday for our order which we never received so we assumed they were closed this week, lots of colds and flu going around.  He shows up just before 8 every Wednesday.  This morning at 10 to 8 Mini was in the window barking and spinning waiting for Tim .  She knew today was the day but not from us, we were both still in bed asleep (my day off today).  It’s almost nine and she is still barking and looking for Tim, waiting for him at the top of the driveway.  How the hell did she know today is bread day?   She is very upset that he didn’t come.  Lily just goes along with whatever Mini does so it’s been pretty noisy this morning, so much for a quiet day off.  


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Happy Family Day

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We are continuing to have a warm winter.  We have about 3′ of snow on the ground, so low for this time of year.  The parking lot in front of the shop is a rink most of the time and we could be skating on it.  The rest of the plowed areas have been pretty good so far.  It’s been snowing a bit this week so the hill conditions are getting better.  I am working tomorrow, it will be busy with half price lift tickets for family day.  Expecting it to be crazy.  Between the ski hill and designing, I haven’t had a day off for a long while.  Today we have Darren and Khloe visiting.  

Happy birthday Craig. 
Finding ice formations. 


Big moose passing through.  


Stay tuned… 

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