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May, 2018


And so it begins… 5 Bear and 3 porcupine.

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The porcupine population is up in the neighbourhood. One of these guys was not too far from us, right at the big beaver hut in the swamp. We got out of the car and he wasn’t afraid of us. We didn’t crowd him so he let Barry get some photos… I will post once I get them from him.

There are a few grizzlies hanging out near Wells. I still have not seen one myself… ever! I guess that’s a good thing.

Last year I saw 1 caribou all year, hoping I see more this year! People have seen our herd with many young so that’s good news!

No moose yet but we have one living on the property again, we see signs of him but Mini keeps them away from our front yard. There were a lot of Lynx around this last winter. We had one just on the other side of the creek, we would see fresh tracks often. There was one hanging out at the ski hill for a good chunk of the season which I found weird, I thought they would stay further away.

Anyways, this years count is underway.

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Jessica and Scott

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These two sure put a lot of thought, time, effort and money into this wedding! It was really beautiful. I cannot get enough to this photo. Going to buy a copy from the photographer and hang it in my office… just so awesome!

Jessica, you are the coolest chick I know!

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Some Troll shots…

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Simons 14th birthday landed on Easter Sunday. He is Hildurs nephew. His family just moved back to the area so he spent a lot of time with us this season. We nick named him Odd Job because any odd job he is quick to help out with. The girls are India (left) and Leslie. And the new menu boards I did this season.

Bellow is the same day after we had a huge feast, all the girls with Simon.

Leni, Kathy and I. Kathy worked with us last season and wears her staff shirt when ever she comes out so she can jump in if we need a hand. Great lady!

From left to right, standing… India (Australia), Leni (England), me, Tim (Australia), Bill the groomer, Jeremie (France). Kneeling, Bonnie (Cottonwood), Leslie (Holland), Cat (Wells) and Muriel (France) Jeremie’s wife. We were missing Tracy, Bill and Herve. Super crew this season!

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