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December, 2020


Full Moon

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We played outside with no flashlights tonight.

Full moon over Lodge #1

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Princess Lily

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We felt Lily needed a spa day. We booked her into a new place called Lucky Pennys. They gave her the works. While we were waiting for her, we went shopping. She got a new sweater that hugs her bum to keep her extra warm. We got her a new memory foam pad to go under the beautiful super soft blanket we got her from the The Frog. It was so nice picking her up and she was not freaked out. They loved her and obviously she loved them too. She hated all the other places we took her so we didn’t want to take her too often. We felt we were traumatizing our child so we only took her twice a year. Now she will have a spa day every 3 months.

We love our Lily! 💕

Pretty girl!

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