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November, 2020


The Dragons Slayers Lair

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(Because we live on Dragon Mountain). The room is not finished but we are living in it and loving it. It has changed our lives in a huge way! We have room to live! We were able to move the fridge into what is now my pantry (the old living room) so the whole house feels so huge! We were able to move some of the shelves and the TV out of the bedroom so even that is very spacious now. The natural light in the living room is amazing and so great for art. I have started drawing on weekends, it had been a while. Very inspirational space!

If it is light out we watch the TV but as soon as it gets dark…

The big screen comes out. This is so awesome!

The pantry is amazing too! I am so much more organized and I am enjoying meal planning so much more. With Covid lockdowns and this new space, I really stocked up this year. Two freezers full to the brim as well. We are in full on hibernation mode!

We have so much more to do to finish this new space and then we will renovate each room. The kitchen will probably be last but it is so much better already and we slowly find better ways to situate things.

The fireplace is good where it is, it used to get so hot in our tiny home but now it seems it’s just the right size. We will find out better once it’s -30 but we are confident it will be cozy in here. We have plans for a ceiling fan in the living room which will really help.

We also did this, it is so pretty. People have told us it’s like a burst of happiness on an otherwise dark corridor. We have a few more buildings to light up.

Can you see Barry?

Everyone loves the big windows ❤️

There are only 2 photos in this collection that do not have a cat in it. Can you find all the cats?

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33 bear and 15 moose

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