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March, 2020


More snow!

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This week we had another dump of snow! The roof was bare a week ago and this happened today…

You can tell it is fresh, it doesn’t have a layer of ice on the bottom. You can also see how far it was hanging yesterday, there is a slight crease in the sheet.

Seconds after I took this photo, it slid.

And then it slid again…

This is only 1/4 of the roof. Barry has been digging out this side all year so the snow had somewhere to go. The other half of the front and whole back of the house, the snow is so deep, there is nowhere for it to go. Today it is pouring rain as it should be on March 28th! Not snowing! I think we are in for a huge runoff!

Bringing back our view.

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We have been training for this for 10 years! Self isolation and social distancing is how we live, what’s all the bitching about? Haha. I cancelled my trip to Penticton next month but other then that, it’s life as usual for now. The store may not open this summer so I may be home helping build… I am kind of liking that idea! Hoping my friends and family are staying home and being safe when they do have to go out.

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So much snow!!

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We woke up to about 8″ of fresh today and it is still snowing! It’s March 23rd! I took this photo this morning, my back is to the house and the new living room will be between it and me. You can see the snow is about up to my mouth and I am standing on at least a foot of snow (I’m on the driveway)… this is not a spot that we ever shoveled onto, no roofs shed onto this area, this is just how much snow we have on the ground right now. You can’t see the east side of my office. From inside, the windows are covered with snow… I am starting to feel a little snowed in! We have a lot more coming this week! Crazy!

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