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October, 2015


Not this year…

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Barry spent 2 days trying to get that pile to burn and it ain’t gonna happen this year!   He did manage to make it smaller but it’s still pretty big.  Have to burn off the outer edges wpeach year till it’s gone. 

Stay tuned… 

Winter Roads

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We had planned to go to town this morning but woke up to freezing rain.  We watched the weather network and waited it out, left around 1.  3 km down the highway we find this… 

This guy was travelling too fast and went off the road on a straight stretch, he was travelling the opposite direction than he is facing.  Scary!  I hope it slowed some of them down, these workers fly on this highway and it is so dangerous between the weather and the wildlife. Just this side of Stanley road this summer a guy hit a moose, he came around the corner and it was standing in the middle of the highway.  He must have been moving pretty fast too.  

Also, there was a massive road block in Quesnel with CVSE, conservation and RCMP.  We got waived thru so they must have been looking for something in particular.  Never seen that combo before.  Might be poachers.  

Stay tuned….

More burning

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We are trying for the big pile today, might actually go this year.  I’ll keep you posted

Canada Day cake

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You know I love cake so this blew my mind.  Barb put this 4’x8′ cake together with the original caribou flag on it… So awesome!  Unfortunately I had to work so I didn’t get any.  This was the busiest day of the year.  Barb came in at midnight to bake everything for the days sales then she made this amazing cake.  Her daughter Mia helped with the decorations.  It took 6 guys to get it out and loaded onto the horse drawn carriage.  



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Well, I must say I am happy with the results of the election to a certain degree.  It would been nice to have more liberal seats in BC but the main issue was to get Harper out, mission accomplished.  I’m happy.   I love Trudeau, I think having a fresh young person in office is what this country needs.  End to the good old boy era.  I hope he sticks with his promises, time will tell.   It was weird knowing the results across the country as they came in, I think I prefer the old way, finding out once the last polls close.  I don’t think it changed things at the polls in BC, most people still voted to get the candidate in their riding elected.  We had a power outage the night of the election, we had the generator going for the Internet and CKNW giving us play by plays of the election results as we played cards in the candle light.  It was awesome! 

Barry did this drawing in the morning when he woke up… So talented!  He is getting quicker at throwing them together.

 Dad looking great on the front page of the Western News making sure he got his vote in early.  

Bath Night

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Stinky dogs had to be cleaned up.  Mini looks so small!!   And  not overly happy.  She needs it more to loosen all the hair that has shed but gets matted in and doesn’t just fall out like Shooters would.  I brush her every few days this time of year and get a pile each time but at some point washing her is the best, then it comes out easier and in clumps.  She’s got a lot of hair!  Lily goes super curly, the poodle in her shines thru.  

The Beach

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Barry got extremely ambitious one week while I was at work in the summer and punched a trail in across the street all the way over to Lightning Creek.  The bush is very thick so he had to use chain saw, loppers, bush wacker…pretty much every tool he’s got but he did it and the rewards are huge!   We have our own personal beach with a wide creek winding by.  In one spot there is a perfect swimming hole.  In August the water was low enough you could sit a lawn chair in it and keep your feet cool… Yes it actually got that hot here this summer!  It is so peaceful, you can’t hear the highway or anything else but nature.  We stashed a couple of lawn chairs in the trees so we have some comfort and we were given a dining tent that we will set it up and do some painting.  It is very inspirational.  

This huge tree is on the trail and had to be chopped up to give us passage.  There are many trees down everywhere making some areas completely impassable.  The forest over there is mostly covered with moss and lush and beautiful, smells like heaven.   Many moss covered stumps and fallen trees, many paintings waiting to happen.  

This week we have been exploring game trails that cross this trail.  We are finding a lot of them (along with other goodies) now that the leaves are falling.  We took one that lead us over to our creek… So beautiful!  The dogs love it, it’s a huge deal to be able to go over there so they cherish every moment.  Mini run it like an Indy track and Lily runs from smell to smell with her entire body wagging.  They arrive home so tired!  Mini is not allowed to walk over the highway, she has to be carried and she already understands… When we are getting close to the highway on the way home, I say “time to get picked up” and she comes over, lifts one paw readying herself.  She is a very smart little critter.  

Getting photos of Hyde Creek.

 Warm temperatures have been great.  Today we got rid of a huge burn pile… Always fun to have a big fire!  Even more fun to reclaim the chunk of land under it.  We still have the monster pile in the parking lot, hopefully it will burn this year.  You would think 6 years would be long enough… We will find out.  

Stay tuned…

Prepping for Winter

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Barry added a pony wall on the front deck for a few reasons… Keep the snow off the deck, keep Mini off the snow bank and shore up the corner of the house now that the trees are gone and more snow builds up on the roof.  Closes us in but we are already getting used to it. The dogs have been invited to go for a car ride in this photo.  Only have to ask them once!  


We are finished our wood for the season.  Instead of going out and dropping trees we brought all the wood over from the studio since the fire place is out of commission it wasn’t doing much good over there.  We also need to get those buildings emptied out before we can burn down the studio which will not be this year, hoping for next year.  

Stay tuned… 

Cake #1

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My first attempt… 

Happy birthday Khloe

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Had a wonderful turkey feast with Darren and Khloe.  She will be 4 on Tuesday.   My second cake decorating attempt, need some practice but it was yummy!  


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Barry greeting our guests… Never a dull moment!   Remember one is a 3 year old girl.  She was scared but got over it pretty fast and talked about it all day.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  

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This thanksgiving we are having Darren and Khloe for dinner so I spent today getting ready.  We were up at Costco this week and bought a fresh turkey… Mmmmmm.   Our trip to Prince George was great, it is so pretty this time of year.  The photo is crossing the Fraser River.