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August, 2016


And the Tree Comes Down! 

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The tree is down and it sure changes a lot in our lives… In a good way!  No more stickies!  No more branches falling.  We can park out front now!   No more big drips on your head after a rain!   The yard is brighter.  We are pretty happy to have it gone!  Barry is a star gazer and he is really enjoying being able to see the sky without having to go down to the highway.  

Berry Picking Season! 

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Yesterday we hiked up to the top of the property following the creek… As well as we could.  We didn’t bring anything to berry pick but we sure ate a lot along the way.  The mountain is covered in huckleberry and blueberry bushes!  I had to work on the paper so Barry went back up today with 2 ice cream pales in a back pack… 4 hours later he came home with them both full!  Wow, they were heavy too!  I already had the stove on so the first 4 cups he cleaned went directly into the oven for dessert!  Yum!  I will make a batch of jam and the rest we will freeze.  We think we have about 32 cups in this first harvest.  We have about a month of picking, we will keep going out until they are done and have lots for the winter!  Yahoooo!    As you can see Donn and Mini were both trying to help.