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May, 2017



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This is a daily thing, you have to be very careful where you step first thing in the morning.  These two are in the living room but they are usually right in front of the bathroom/bedroom doors.  Barry is the coroner… I hate it when he’s not home and I have to be the assistant coroner.  The little one is a shrew, we only ever saw them in the snow before the cats lived here.  The cats are allowed to stay out late in the dark now, they come in on their own around midnight or 1.  They are all growed up!  Tomorrow they will have been living with us for a year… can’t believe it!  

Floor plan for new office…

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This is what I want… fingers crossed it can all be done… so excited!  One change, we are going to drywall and paint the walls, the floor,ceiling and all the built ins will be wood so we need the paint or it will be way too much.  That is the exact futon I want to get. (The coffee table is the one from J&J’s deck).

Construction will start soon so stay tuned.   

Wood burning cook stove…

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I loved cooking on Hildurs wood burning range while house sitting for her…I want one so badly, she gave me one she had kicking around!   Mine is smaller and not all fancy.  She reminds me a little bit of Gramma who had 2 of everything and I do mean everything!  I haven’t a photo of mine, but I will post it once it is installed in my new office.  So excited to be able to make tea out there, and cook during power outages.  It will keep the space nice and toasty!  Barry is already working back at the saw mill, the floor joists were cut last year, he now has almost all the floor boards cut.  We will plane them on my day off then he can get the floor built… progress!!  So excited!  

Belly Dancing Babes!  

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I wasn’t at this event I just love the photo so much I had to post it.  Samantha, Mom and Sue, you ladies are so beautiful!