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November, 2017


18 Bear, 43 moose.

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Seen a few moose lately. One was a family of 3, so cute, the bull had the cutest little rack started. Love the babies! We won’t be seeing any more bear this year.

My new stove!!

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We found an amazing 1920’s wood burning cook range that came out of Barkerville in the 60’s and has been sitting in a shed ever since. The shed was full of old stoves, some much older then this one. It is in great condition, some rust on the exterior, inside has no rust! It was cleaned out before it was stored, the water tank looks like it was never used. It is so cute, not too big but has a small oven and lots of stove top space. It dawned on me that the flat smooth top stove was the original design with the round plates that lift up looking like elements, it has come full circle.

The first photo is a photo I found online, this is the exact stove. The bottom photo is ours but taken when it was still in the shed. Right now it is in pieces in the back of the truck. We are going to use it in the HideAway (officially the name of my new office) so I can use it then when we build on to the house, it will get moved into the kitchen. I have been dreaming of one of these stoves. I cook on Hildurs when we house sit for them and I love it! But the modern ones are very expensive! I thought we would have to spend a few grand to get one! We got this little beauty for $250.!!! So happy! I will post more photos when we get it set up in a few days. I could not be more excited!!

Stay tuned…