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April, 2019



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New shelves on my desk!


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Barry can solve the cube in less then 2 minutes!

The gang

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Barry relaxing listening to music.


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I’ve started letting Mini sit on my desk if she wants to. She sure feels special. So cute! She has mellowed a lot and wants to be snuggled more, yay!

Pots and pans!

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Got an early birthday present when we found a set of $1000 pots and pans 70% Off!! Wow are they amazing! Changed the way I cook. Stainless steel with copper layer in the bottom. Cooks nice and even and stays super hot for a long time. Love the glass lids too.

Jack in a box!

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And also Donn in a box…

Slingin’ dogs…

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As usual we fed the masses at the Mount Everest Challenge. Beautiful warm day. 108 competitors so we were busy.

Hildur and Scott the new manager at Troll.

Sign shop!!

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This was fun, felt like when I started out in my garage.

Wrapping a snowboard for Troll Mount Everest Challenge. We donated it as a prize and Len and Hilder decided to keep it!! They want us to do one each year.

Walking Jack

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Every time we go down the driveway Jack has to join us. We have to lock him in if we don’t want him to come.


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Apparently Lily’s butt makes a good pillow. Taken pre hair cut.

Lily sandwich

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Lily got her spring cut a bit premature, it got chilly again and has been snowing! She welcomes cat snuggles these days.