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July, 2019


Game camera

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Ok, this is just creepy… I won’t be taking any midnight walks for a while! We also got some footage of this Lynx, gorgeous animal! I’m working on adding videos to my site then I will start uploading the animal files we are getting.

28 bear

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Not many critters this year… is it all the rain?

Pesky Pete the Prickly Puncturevine Party Pooper

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I’m designing a new series of character for invasive species awareness.


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The whole family doing chores. So cute how they all want to chill with us. It took Donn a while but she joins in and comes for our walks etc now. She is hilarious when we decide to head home, you have never seen a cat move so fast, she is a blurrrrrrr.

Stanley Cemetery signs

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I was commissioned by the Friends of Barkerville to design and produce these signs for the cemetery at Stanley. It was a great job, love that I’m getting known in the area for this work. I have a few other projects on the go I will share as they finish.

I sure learned a lot of history!

13 Moose, 26 Bear and a porcupine

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First porcupine of the year, just a little one. I love the look of these guys, I might try to paint one in pastel one day.

The bears seem to be gone from the other end of the property, phew. We did not want them getting comfy!

We had a sketchy guy stop here so the game camera has temporarily been turned into a security camera. We are working on a second camera for security.