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July, 2020


23 Bear 🐻

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And my third caribou!

My Orchid 💕

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Barry bought me this for my birthday last year and it is blooming! I am thrilled! There are 16 more buds that are going to open. The first bloom opened 2 weeks ago and it looks perfect still and they keep getting bigger after they open. So cool! I am hoping they all open up at once! It will be amazing. She gets one ice cube once a week. 💕 Her name is Medusa. 💕


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It has been a very slow process as Barry has had to fit building into the few moments the weather will allow. It’s been frustrating! But we have a stretch of sunshine coming and 2 guys helping so fingers crossed we get a roof on it! it will be about 11’ to the peak. There is a step down into it. The deck will wrap around 2 sides. Aaaahhhhhhhh…… so exciting!!

The 3 Amigos

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Donn is a loner … weird how they both take after their name sakes! These 3 chum around together. And they all have to be touching the rolled up towel, all the time! ❤️

20 Bear and another caribou

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One of these was happily eating grass on the side of the road when I went to work the other day and on my way home, someone had hit him with their vehicle and killed him. It was so sad. 😢 It is always sad when you see this, this was the first dead bear I’ve seen since we moved here. I wish people would drive slower on the highway but it isn’t ever monitored by the police and they know it so they drive whatever speed they want. Gggrrrrrrr.