There is water again! We will need to be super careful, as long as we have a toilet, I’m happy. It won’t be long before we can stop hauling water… Yay! We could not be happier!

Just so you all get a bit of an idea of what hauling water involves… Barry shovels and chops his way through the snow and ice to the water, a hole big enough to stand in (the -40 boots really help). He fills 2 – 6 US Gal jugs with a scoop. He has to do 2 at a time to keep himself balanced when he carries them back because each one weighs about 65 lbs! That’s 130 lbs!!! He has to climb back up the bank and the snow is DEEP and now it’s getting soft so even more of a challenge. I sunk to my hips twice just taking the photos, and I was only carrying a camera. He is a strong mountain man!