We have a boot room! Such excitement, I tell ya! It still needs siding and to be insulated and a door installed (Barry’s getting a door for his birthday) but we will do all that before winter. We have shelves at the studio that will be coming over for out there and a dresser so Barry doesn’t have to keep his clothes in a duffle bag in my office anymore… He gets a dresser! La-de-da! Hahaha. Barry also built shelves for the cold storage building so we have a lot more space out there now too. Each trip we take to the studio we return with something so everything is slowly migrating over here. We got the screen door as a gift a few years ago (thanks Uncle Don!) but never hung it. It works great on the boot room door… It has magnets that let go easily and then grab each other after you go thru. It works amazingly well. Lily has figured it out, Mini on the other hand is still afraid of it and needs coaxing. When the magnets join they click and it scares her because it’s right behind her. She will get used to it. We are going to put in a doggy door for them so this is good practise for her. The extra square footage is a huge bonus for us! The freezer is out of the kitchen and all the coats and shoes… It’s awesome! In the top 3 of best ever birthday gifts. Thanks Barry!