We were in the lodge at the ski hill putting signs together when a critter was spotted.  It was an Ermine!  The cutest little gaffer!  They have 2 cats that live in there  to keep the mice down but they move them out while they are open for people with allergies instead they let these little Ermine hang out and they keep the mice away, they are really good little hunters!  So this little guy was trying to get outside, we managed to help him out, he was the cutest little guy with his little black tip tail!   We have them on our property but I didn’t know they were called ermine.  The first year we were here there was one by the old trailer that used to be at the top of the driveway … These ermine only get to be about a foot long.  This was a small one, maybe 8″ so probably a female.  I also see them running around on the other side of the creek in the winter from time to time.  They turn brown in the summer so they would be so hard to see.  I did a blog about a tiny stoat we saw on the creek in Barkerville a couple of summers ago, that was a smaller version of this guy… I will find the photo and post it.  So cute!

I did not take this photo, I borrowed it from  www.borealforest.org.