Full Moon

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We played outside with no flashlights tonight.

Full moon over Lodge #1

Princess Lily

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We felt Lily needed a spa day. We booked her into a new place called Lucky Pennys. They gave her the works. While we were waiting for her, we went shopping. She got a new sweater that hugs her bum to keep her extra warm. We got her a new memory foam pad to go under the beautiful super soft blanket we got her from the The Frog. It was so nice picking her up and she was not freaked out. They loved her and obviously she loved them too. She hated all the other places we took her so we didn’t want to take her too often. We felt we were traumatizing our child so we only took her twice a year. Now she will have a spa day every 3 months.

We love our Lily! 💕

Pretty girl!

The Dragons Slayers Lair

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(Because we live on Dragon Mountain). The room is not finished but we are living in it and loving it. It has changed our lives in a huge way! We have room to live! We were able to move the fridge into what is now my pantry (the old living room) so the whole house feels so huge! We were able to move some of the shelves and the TV out of the bedroom so even that is very spacious now. The natural light in the living room is amazing and so great for art. I have started drawing on weekends, it had been a while. Very inspirational space!

If it is light out we watch the TV but as soon as it gets dark…

The big screen comes out. This is so awesome!

The pantry is amazing too! I am so much more organized and I am enjoying meal planning so much more. With Covid lockdowns and this new space, I really stocked up this year. Two freezers full to the brim as well. We are in full on hibernation mode!

We have so much more to do to finish this new space and then we will renovate each room. The kitchen will probably be last but it is so much better already and we slowly find better ways to situate things.

The fireplace is good where it is, it used to get so hot in our tiny home but now it seems it’s just the right size. We will find out better once it’s -30 but we are confident it will be cozy in here. We have plans for a ceiling fan in the living room which will really help.

We also did this, it is so pretty. People have told us it’s like a burst of happiness on an otherwise dark corridor. We have a few more buildings to light up.

Can you see Barry?

Everyone loves the big windows ❤️

There are only 2 photos in this collection that do not have a cat in it. Can you find all the cats?

33 bear and 15 moose

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Scrapper Donn

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My little baby had a big scrap with something the other night. You can tell by the fang marks it was something bigger then an ermine. She had a bloody nose and her face was all swollen. He tears had a bit of blood in them the first day. She was hurt pretty bad. She didn’t meow for a whole day, it hurt to do anything (she did eat). She had saliva or something smeared all over her and she didn’t even start to clean it up for a day. She is pretty much healed now, she has one wound on her forehead I haven’t been able to look at too closely yet but she is back to herself, a little scarred up and a little more snuggly. The morning it happened there were some big guts on the ground so It looks like either her or Jack ate whatever it was she scrapped with. She did win the fight… little toughie!

Sibling Love!

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32 Bear!

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30 Bears!

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The bears are sure getting fat! The leaves are changing colours and their black coat pops off it as a back ground. Such a pretty time of year.

No bear photos but this is my view this morning…


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It is pouring rain outside… a perfect time to drywall! We bought this lift second hand so Barry can do it by himself and not have to rush with a rental. He is going to use it as an easel for larger paintings as well so it will get put to good use. SO EXCITED! Life changing!

28 Bear and a weasel in the house

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Boy, everyone sure wakes up fast when there is a weasel running around the house in the morning! Cute little ermine. Barry managed to get it outside. That was a few days ago, this morning Donn’s face is swollen and she has a bloody nose. Must have gotten into a good scrap with something bigger then a mouse… could have been that weasel. There were larger guts on the floor this morning, I think she won the battle. I don’t like this! I don’t want my babies hurt but it’s all apart of living in the wilderness with cats who were hired to keep the rodent population down. I would make a terrible farmer!


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We are SO CLOSE to moving in!

24 Bear and 11 moose

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It’s been a while! So few critters this year, I’m not sure why. All four of these were this week. I saw the bear at the bottom of the canyon this morning and he was FAT! Fatter then I’ve ever seen this time of year. Good berry season!

Medusa at her peak

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She had 18 flowers all together, this photo is 17 flowers. They sure last a long time! I am looking for another one with a different colour, this was so much fun to watch.

Windows and a Door!

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So beautiful! The siding will match my office. The black door and windows will really pop! Tomorrow we will pick up insulation, once it is dry walled we will open up to the rest of the house. We will move the pantry into the existing living room until we renovate the kitchen. This will empty out the boot room! We are using the couch from my office for now but we will eventually get something new and comfy. This one is not comfy but tons of pillows help.

We are beyond excited!

It’s a House!

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Notice the deck is made with 6 boards!!

My New View

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Loving the new view

Size comparison!

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Donn the Dragon Slayer

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We don’t usually see dragon flies at our place but this year we have hundreds of them buzzing around and they are huge! they are black, not the small coloured ones I remember from when I was a kid at Ness Lake. Last night Donn came inside and was meowing in a different tone then normal, turned out she had a dragon fly. Barry disposed of it (it was still alive but couldn’t fly) then minutes later she came in with another! You have to be pretty fast to swat these guys out of the sky and she’s picking them off like it’s nothing. Our sweet little girl is a dragon slayer!

23 Bear 🐻

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And my third caribou!

My Orchid 💕

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Barry bought me this for my birthday last year and it is blooming! I am thrilled! There are 16 more buds that are going to open. The first bloom opened 2 weeks ago and it looks perfect still and they keep getting bigger after they open. So cool! I am hoping they all open up at once! It will be amazing. She gets one ice cube once a week. 💕 Her name is Medusa. 💕


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It has been a very slow process as Barry has had to fit building into the few moments the weather will allow. It’s been frustrating! But we have a stretch of sunshine coming and 2 guys helping so fingers crossed we get a roof on it! it will be about 11’ to the peak. There is a step down into it. The deck will wrap around 2 sides. Aaaahhhhhhhh…… so exciting!!

The 3 Amigos

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Donn is a loner … weird how they both take after their name sakes! These 3 chum around together. And they all have to be touching the rolled up towel, all the time! ❤️

20 Bear and another caribou

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One of these was happily eating grass on the side of the road when I went to work the other day and on my way home, someone had hit him with their vehicle and killed him. It was so sad. 😢 It is always sad when you see this, this was the first dead bear I’ve seen since we moved here. I wish people would drive slower on the highway but it isn’t ever monitored by the police and they know it so they drive whatever speed they want. Gggrrrrrrr.

Pet Moose

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We defiantly have a moose living with us. If you look back a couple of posts, there is a photo of him on the roadside. I have not gotten another photo of him but I see him almost daily now. He is small… for a moose. I hope he sticks around. I think I will call him Pete. 🙂

Spring Cut

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Look at our sweet child Lily. She is all cleaned up for the summer. Poor girl had to wait a long time for her spring haircut because nothing was open. She was getting so hot!

Our sweet Lily is looking gorgeous again. We think she is 14 and she is starting to show her age. She is in great shape physically but She hasn’t been able to hear well for a while and now she is losing her eyesight so she sticks pretty close to us. When I go to work, she gets so excited because she can sleep on the couch all day. She jumps up on it and is asleep and snoring before her head hits the pillow, it is so cute! She likes to go for only 1 walk a day now and only if it is cool out. If the conditions are not perfect, she just opts out and has a nap. So sweet! She likes it when she gets her hair shaved off, she can sleep on the bed again because she isn’t stinky anymore and she isn’t too hot. I don’t get a lot of sleep with her, she is a huge bed hog! But we love her so much we just deal with it. She is in her twilight years so she gets as spoiled as possible.

We love our Lily.