Pet Moose

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We defiantly have a moose living with us. If you look back a couple of posts, there is a photo of him on the roadside. I have not gotten another photo of him but I see him almost daily now. He is small… for a moose. I hope he sticks around. I think I will call him Pete. 🙂

Spring Cut

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Look at our sweet child Lily. She is all cleaned up for the summer. Poor girl had to wait a long time for her spring haircut because nothing was open. She was getting so hot!

Our sweet Lily is looking gorgeous again. We think she is 14 and she is starting to show her age. She is in great shape physically but She hasn’t been able to hear well for a while and now she is losing her eyesight so she sticks pretty close to us. When I go to work, she gets so excited because she can sleep on the couch all day. She jumps up on it and is asleep and snoring before her head hits the pillow, it is so cute! She likes to go for only 1 walk a day now and only if it is cool out. If the conditions are not perfect, she just opts out and has a nap. So sweet! She likes it when she gets her hair shaved off, she can sleep on the bed again because she isn’t stinky anymore and she isn’t too hot. I don’t get a lot of sleep with her, she is a huge bed hog! But we love her so much we just deal with it. She is in her twilight years so she gets as spoiled as possible.

We love our Lily.

15 Bear and 8 moose… 1 caribou

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I did not see any caribou last year. This was a young guy, very light coloured all by himself near Stanley. Nice to see one!

7 bears and 2 moose

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Went to the ski hill today to number all the spring boxes for the lift lines (over 200 of them). There were 2 bears on the face chowing down on the foliage. The moose was in our neighbour hood, we have seen his dropping but this is the first time we saw him. He was a little guy, probably 2 yr old.

Bears are circled

Aaaaand here we go…

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1 moose and 1 bear. The moose was right by our property and the bear was at the bottom of Devils Canyon. Most of the snow at our house elevation is melted, just the snow banks left but there is still a lot of snow above us. Our creek is normal for this time of year but there is a lot more to melt.

More snow!

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This week we had another dump of snow! The roof was bare a week ago and this happened today…

You can tell it is fresh, it doesn’t have a layer of ice on the bottom. You can also see how far it was hanging yesterday, there is a slight crease in the sheet.

Seconds after I took this photo, it slid.

And then it slid again…

This is only 1/4 of the roof. Barry has been digging out this side all year so the snow had somewhere to go. The other half of the front and whole back of the house, the snow is so deep, there is nowhere for it to go. Today it is pouring rain as it should be on March 28th! Not snowing! I think we are in for a huge runoff!

Bringing back our view.


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We have been training for this for 10 years! Self isolation and social distancing is how we live, what’s all the bitching about? Haha. I cancelled my trip to Penticton next month but other then that, it’s life as usual for now. The store may not open this summer so I may be home helping build… I am kind of liking that idea! Hoping my friends and family are staying home and being safe when they do have to go out.

So much snow!!

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We woke up to about 8″ of fresh today and it is still snowing! It’s March 23rd! I took this photo this morning, my back is to the house and the new living room will be between it and me. You can see the snow is about up to my mouth and I am standing on at least a foot of snow (I’m on the driveway)… this is not a spot that we ever shoveled onto, no roofs shed onto this area, this is just how much snow we have on the ground right now. You can’t see the east side of my office. From inside, the windows are covered with snow… I am starting to feel a little snowed in! We have a lot more coming this week! Crazy!

Getting deep!

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We are getting a good amount of snow this year… beautiful snow! The temps have been perfect. On Saturday night we have a cold snap coming that is supposed to hit -36! Doh! First cold snap of the season.

Jack’s new bed

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Jack has decided this basket is his. He just dumps it out on the floor and crawls in. I think I need to just give in and let him have it. Brat!


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Barry bought me an Ecogrill for Christmas and we LOVE it! We’ve used it 4 times and each time we are more excited about it. We’ve done chicken, shrimp, steak and pork. Japanese cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, zucchini and sweet potato… all excellent! I made jasmine rice and wild rice, both so yummy. Tomorrow while shopping we will pick up some other veggies to try out.

The centre round is a grill and you add broth in the moat. Heats up instantly and cooks the food fast. It came with a set of dishes and utensils. We are hooked!

Happy Holidays!

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We had a great Christmas here on Dragon Mountain. Santa spoiled all of us!

Mother Nature also spoiled us with about 3′ of snow the 2 weeks before… awesome! Troll opened on December 14th, the earliest in the last 4 years so that was a bonus. We have already ploughed 5 times. Love it! There is a lot more in the forecast.

Having a fondu with my new grill on New Years Eve, I will post photos, it’s really cool.

Lenny and me at Troll

24 Moose

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This moose was being stalked by a wolf. It was almost dark coming home from the ski hill the other day. Moose on the road with a wolf peaking over the snowbank on the other side of the road. If you see one wolf, there are more lurking in the forest near by. We separated them, each party going off into the forest in opposite directions so we may have saved his life. This was a young bull with a small rack, I hope he made it.

Minis Bib

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Poor Mini has had a really bad hair ball problem the last few years. It seems to be getting worse. We have stuff from the vet for her and we also give her peanut butter which is supposed to help. They both help a little bit but not enough. She has so much hair when she eats, she ends up with hair all in her mouth so I brought a bib home from work one day to see if it would help… aside from being soooooo cute, it seemed to help almost immediately. But it wasn’t practical, it was too big and she tripped over it. We went to the baby section at the store and found bandana shaped bibs that work perfect! And so friggin cute!

This one is better for her, she can run around with it and not get tripped up….

She has to wear it even if she has a treat, when we have popcorn, etc. Her hair balls are almost gone completely, I caught her chewing on her hair for no apparent reason the other day so she might end up wearing it all the time.

And then I found out Donn likes wearing clothes!! This is a game changer!


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This sweet little girl now follows her mommy around! I love it! If it’s wet or really cold, she likes it if I carry her to the studio and home. If she wants to come with me, she runs out onto the deck as I’m leaving meowing until I pick her up… she melts my heart! Here she is checking out a painting Barry did of her…

I might need to get her a little bed for on my desk… I hear an empty box sometimes works. She sleeps on the pad I make my jewelry on (above) with all the bits and pieces and jars and tools which has got to be uncomfortable!

First Snow

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On Thursday we got about a foot overnight then it snowed right until Saturday afternoon, ended up with over 2 feet. The ski hill is opening on Saturday! We are supposed to get another few inches in the next couple of days… yay! Looking forward to another season at Troll!

23 Moose

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44 bear, 20 Moose

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I am surprised the bear are still around. Last year I saw 50 bear and 39 Moose. Today there was a sow with a grown baby on our property.

Yesterday while we were in town, Dave and Cheryl drove by and saw a lynx sitting at the top of our driveway staring at our house… as Dave said, “waiting for one of the dogs to come out”. This Lynx is living right in the area, we see it on the game camera all the time.

37 Bear

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36 Bear, 14 Moose

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One of these Bears was climbing a telephone pole on the side of the highway… I didn’t see what caused it to go up the pole but there must have been something chasing it.

32 bear

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We woke up to this guy in our front yard. Mini scared him off quickly.

Looking back I had seen 44 bear at this time last year.

31 bear

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Really low critter count this year. This was a momma with 2 tiny babies at the canyon, sadly she used to have 3. We have been getting footage of a black bear, a lynx and a moose that have all become residents and are on camera a lot. Luckily Mini barks and keeps them from the house.

Lumber yard

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Love it when we turn into a lumber yard… 1 living room, a lot of assembly required!

Annual Bath…

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About this time every year Mini gets a bath mostly to loosen all the hair that she has shed but it doesn’t fall off her, just turns into matts. I normally try to give her a good brush every 2 weeks but this one time a year, she is so full bath is the only way to get it all. She’s pretty good, she knows she gets all snuggled in a towel when she first comes out and she expects it. I get soaked but it’s part of the game. Then she goes and hides until the next day when she is dry is brush he as much as I can… sometimes takes days to get it out. She is sooooooo soft! And as you can see, she is not fat!

Lily can’t be left out so she also gets a bath, mostly because she is stinky, hahaha. Her hair turns into nice tight ringlets.

Tried to get a photo of her face… she was not cooperating!

Game camera

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Ok, this is just creepy… I won’t be taking any midnight walks for a while! We also got some footage of this Lynx, gorgeous animal! I’m working on adding videos to my site then I will start uploading the animal files we are getting.